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Dust in the Wind

I wish I could record my dreams and watch them later.

16 April
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My life
Name: Sofi
Age: 20
Location: Greece
Favorite TV Show: Bones, Gossip girl, glee
Favorite Character: Brennan, Serena, Lily, emma
Favorite Ship: david & emily, Rufus &lily, Emma & Will, Dan & Serena
Anything Else: Lately, i'm a big fan of gossip girl!i love everything related to the van der woodsen and Humphreys family!
The favourite moment of my life was when Emily heard something about me 2 days ago by Pej, and she said that she LOVES ME right back! i still can't believe it! that's AWESOME!

i'd love to meet you all better!
xoxo sofi!

Something more
I forget to mention that i'm studying to become a teacher. I love fashion,vintage,the pink colour and new york!i love listening to she&him! zooey is adorable! for the end i love watching Gossip girl and make videos about them!


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